March 3, 2010

Joe won't wear suspenders

I am deep in rewrites for Asking For It. My editor, Grace, and I had a discussion about the changes, and the book is going to be fantastic, however, one of the changes we discussed was changing Joe's profession from Army man to firefighter. I was all gung-ho, until I started enacting the change.

He didn't take well to being a firefighter. The words that had come from his mouth didn't feel right for a firefighter to utter. I think it's because in my mind soldiers are raw, gritty and unashamedly aggressive--living, breathing hunks of masculinity. Firefighters, on the other hand, are like contemporary knights--noble, brave, and honorable--living, breathing hunks of chivalry. They're sort of evolved and a little more civilized.

I know I'm stereotyping, but there ya go. A man's profession is vital to his character. And Joe's just not liking the idea of being a firefighter. Not. One. Bit.

Sorry, Grace.


  1. Hi, Kate! Read your last few posts - good luck with your revisions! I'm thinking of you!