July 29, 2009

Cougar on the sly

My air conditioner broke. I called the repair people. The guy comes out within 40 minutes.

HE'S GORGEOUS. He's even gorgeous with those paper booties he has to keep putting on and taking off.

I'm all a-drool. He's probably 20+ years younger than me. He could have sold me on ten year's worth of air filters or a service contract.

Imaginations sometimes need to be reined in. I'm just sayin'.

July 26, 2009

Together Again

I heard from Liquid Silver Books about Leap of Faith. Maria Shaink is going to be my editor again on this one. :) She was also my editor on Hostile Takeover, my best selling title, bar none. Soon I'll be revisiting L of F, adding, tightening, revamping. I'm interested to see what Maria wants done to it.

July 6, 2009


I got word today from Johnene Granger of Woman's World magazine. They are buying my short romantic story, "Truth or Dare!" I am still on cloud nine. I intend to remain there for a while.
This means a seventh feather in my cap and $800. Wonder if I can justify a Sony eReader...