October 30, 2009

Leap of Faith Celebration - Day 5

Being an erotic romance author, I know a lot sex occurs in my books. Hello. I put it there. LOL

When a new book comes out, I always like to take a good hard look at exactly how much sex got in. Here are how the numbers fall for Leap of Faith, which you can buy here. :)

Sex scenes: 4
Shortest sex scene: 269 words
Longest sex scene: 1283 words
Sex percentage: 15%

Hmm. Only 15%.

Well, it's quality, not quantity, right?

Today's question: Have you ever skimmed over the sex scene in a book? Why? Answer in the comment section and you may win a free e-book from my backlist.


  1. Never. Never ever. I've never read a book that bad, or if I have, I haven't finished it -- and I can count the number of books I haven't finished on my fingers and toes. That's the good stuff, right? ;-)

  2. Well, usually! But, I'll admit, I've skimmed books that weren't thrilling me, but I still wanted to see what happened in the end. So, if a sex scene occurred in the latter part of the book, it got skimmed along with the rest of it!