October 29, 2009

Leap of Faith Celebration - Day 4

The Incan civilization was grand. Although, I learned a lot researching for this story, I took some creative liberties, especially concerning the punishment for defiling a Sun Virgin. But hopefully the result justifies the tweaking of historical fact.

I was going to make up a trivia quiz for today's blog entry, but saw that there are many perfectly good quizzes already out there. Why reinvent the wheel (which the Incans didn't have, by the way)?

Take this quiz if you want. If you'd like the chance to win a free e-book from my backlist, to to the comment section and let me know something you learned about the Incas that you didn't know before.

My score: 40% (How embarrassing!) The quiz was hard!

If you'd like to purchase the book in which those creative liberties were taken, go here. :)


  1. Oh jeez! I got a whopping 20% on the quiz. 40,000 kilometers worth of road? Are you kidding me?! The quiz is sending a conquistador after me.

    Congrats on the release Kate!

  2. Thanks, Sasha! That's a lot of road, I know! I got that question wrong, too.