October 27, 2009

Leap of Faith Celebration - Day 2

Well, the Mad Libs thing was a roaring success.

But I shall blithely go forward.

In the course of revising Leap of Faith, which you can buy here, I found out that Peruvians like to eat guinea pigs. Roasted on a spit. I don't find this disgusting, like eating live baby octopi, but I don't know if I could ever taste guinea pig. Especially since they serve it still looking like a rodent. If it was like a McGuinea Pig Strip, I might try it, but otherwise...

Anyway, today's question is, would you try "cuy" as it's called in Peru? Answer the comment section and you might win a free e-book from my backlist.


  1. Would I try "cuy"? Huh? Who me? (Shaking head back and fourth.)
    There is noooo way I could do that.

    I wish I was more adventures and would try new things. Sadly, that's not the case for me.

    Give me food I can pronounce and I will gladly chomp away. Put a plate of something I can't say or looks like a creation from outer sapce and I will not try.

    Fallon Hadley

  2. Hey, Fallon. I'm with you. I wish I were more adventurous. I ate all kinds of stuff in my youth, but now...? Not when it looks like an overgrown hamster. LOL

  3. Whenever I think of guinea pigs, I think of my best friend who, in the 4th grade had two, which she named Forrest and Jenny (as Forrest Gump was popular then). Well...Jenny ate Forrest.

    I will never look at a guinea pig the same way again.

    It's also important to note that I can't even bring myself to eat sushi. So the odds of me eating cuy are, uh, is there a number less than zero? haha

  4. Jenny ate Forrest. That's morbidly hilarious.