September 21, 2009

Promo Goodies

Okay, I just ordered some of those customized M&Ms for my booksigning. I can't wait until they arrive. They're cheaper than they used to be. I almost got some of the Dove squares that have customized wrappers, but those came out to be like a buck a piece! Outrageous and ridiculous. When the M&Ms arrive, I'll post a picture of them. I think I was able to choose four messages and I chose:

Funny Romance
Erotic Romance
Quirky Romance
Paranormal Romance


  1. How fun! When is your booksigning? Is it the one with LARA? I'm not going to make it that day - :( - so best of luck!

  2. Yes, the one at LARA. It's my very first one! I'm a-skeered!