September 4, 2009

Leap of Faith Update

I just turned in the final line edits of Leap of Faith. It's a novella that was once briefly offered by Phaze Books, but is now being released by Liquid Silver Books. Yay! It's been revamped a bit. Ended up adding another sex scene.

The release date is sometime in October. That's about all I know.

The first chapter opens with the heroine crossing a dangerous bridge and lo, I found a picture of an Incan bridge. How cool is that?

Here's a short blurb for the book:

Centuries ago, Amaru defied the Incan sun god and has since been condemned to a life of isolation and misery. Only through faith will he find forgiveness. But is it his faith that is required, or that of the young woman who stumbles into his closed off world?


  1. Great blurb! And congrats on your newest release!

    Oh, and very cool picture of the bridge.