June 16, 2009

Who Asked Them?

Recently California had an election, intended to help solve the budget problem in our state. As usual, the airwaves were bombarded with ads. As usual, the ads ended with a litany of the organizations behind such and such position.

At one time, I paid attention to whom they listed. I respect firefighters, the police, nurses, teachers, and the PTA. I respect the professions and/or mission, to be more accurate. Their jobs are vital, important, difficult, and valued. At times, that respect colored my thoughts about whatever proposition they were endorsing. I would think, "If the firefighters think that Prop X is a good thing, then it must be."

However, I now think that is somewhat naive, like buying a certain brand of lipstick because the celebrity in the ad is beautiful.

I was a member of the California Teachers Association and the National Education Association. I don't recall ever being asked to give an opinion on what ballot measure I supported. Which makes me wonder, just how much the police, nurses, firefighters and parents and teachers really back this or that proposition.

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