June 4, 2009

Thursday 3: Green Goings-On

Thursday 13 is too much. I only do 3.
This week I finally FINALLY did some work in my garden. I haven't made it pretty for probably a year. I give the neighbors credit for dealing with the spartan look for so long. Here are three things I planted.
1. Geraniums (They're hardy. 'Nuff said.)
2. Rosemary (I make some killer roasted potatoes with rosemary.)
3. Lavender (I hear bees like this, and I like bees.)
Do you garden?


  1. I make an attempt at gardening each year. One year I even had watermelon growing. The ones that produced were delicious. And it was an accident, cause I thought I'd bought a cucumber plant. Good thing I like watermelon.

    Right now I have potatoes, tomatoes and green beans in my garden. None ready to eat, though.

  2. That's hilarious, Shirley! I'll be it was a big (no pun intended) surprise to be growing the biggest "cucumber" you ever saw!