May 7, 2009

Thursday 3: Going Green

Thursday 13 is the norm. I only do 3 because I'm lazy.

Here are three reasons why you should go to your nearest Kohl's store and invest in several of these reusuable grocery bags.

1. It's an easy way to be part of the green movement. Don't those plastic bags just pile up? We always used or recycled them, but now I don't have to do either. We aren't consumers of plastic grocery bags anymore. (And the way my family goes through groceries, this is a big thing.)

2. They are the most user-friendly bags I've found. The one I had from Whole Foods had a cardboard base, which was good. The ones from Vons were floppy, with no base. I didn't like the unorganized mess they made in my car. These, on the other hand, from Kohl's are absolute heaven!

These bags, like the Whole Foods bags, have bases, so when you fill it with packages of crackers, cereal or whatever, it has structure. Excellent. But, unilke the Whole Foods bags, THEY FOLD UP AND SNAP CLOSED into a neat, flat seven inch square. (You can see the little snap flap in the picture.) Oh, the ecstasy! The straps are also long enough so you can hook a couple bags on each shoulder, grab two in your hands and make it into the house with five heavy bags!
(I gave away my other substandard ones.)

3. Finally, they're only $2 a piece. I have six of these bags. That was an investment of $12. I look at it like a donation to Mother Earth.


  1. Very cool! And they're cute!


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  2. Okay. I obviously suck at math. Two on each shoulder and two in each hand equals SIX. LMAO