May 6, 2009

Jason Stratham

While looking for a movie to rent, I happened upon Transporter 3. It looked good. But we'd never seen the first two Transporters. So, I opted for the first one. It was a total testosterone fest, but I really liked it. Jason Statham was fantastic as the taciturn, hard-as-iron, kick-ass loner who has a softer side. In other words, your perfect romance hero. Unfortunately, there wasn't any romance. But actually, I'm okay with that because if they'd tried to include a romantic sub-plot, they probably would have botched it. Better to focus on the real story and do that really well.
Just two days ago, my younger son and I watched Transporter 2 and we liked that just as much! I'm always surprised when I like a sequel as well as the first. Oh, there was a lot more that I had to roll my eyes at, plausibility-wise, but it was still a fun adventure. I'm really looking forward to number three.


  1. I really like Jason Statham too! I've seen all the Transporter movies, and agree the first two were great. I didn't like the third all that much though, so I'll be curious to hear what you think.

  2. Probably won't be until next week. :)