May 10, 2009

Excerpt "Monday": Secrets of the Jin Hakku

A bunch of romance writers I know participate in Excerpt Monday once a month. The deal is we all post a little snippet of something we've written and read everyone else's. Last month it was a lot of fun, so here's Round Two! (Note: Because of technical difficulties, I have to publish this on Sunday.)

This 500 word snippet is from Secrets of the Jin Hakku, just released in print (the Torrid Topaz anthology) from Ellora's Cave. It's also available on it's own.

Warning: The following contains a whip, M/F/M, and anal mischief.

“Look alert now, girl,” Kai said. “I have a potential buyer coming in a few moments.”

Again, Hana started slightly in surprise at this turn of events but recovered quickly. The slave market game was another of their favorites. Joran wondered which persona she would take on tonight.

“I told you before,” she said, lifting her chin imperiously. “I’m not for sale. You are making a grave mistake.”

Joran smiled as he handed Kai the quirt. He might have known she’d choose the furious princess after having just played the wholly subservient prostitute.

“My father will have you flayed alive when he discovers what has happened.”

“You have no idea how many others have claimed the very same thing,” Kai said. “It’s never true. Now listen carefully. This buyer has paid for a privileged assessment. Do you know what that means?”

Hana spat forcefully in Kai’s general direction. Chuckling silently, Kai leapt out of the way and exchanged a look of amusement with Joran before clucking his tongue and giving her rump a sharp taste of the lash.


“Behave or you’ll get worse than that. Now hold still while I put this in you. He might want to explore your back passage.”

Hana hissed as Kai inserted the oiled konsu, giving it a slight tug to make sure it was set in place.

“There we go. Just in time,” Kai said. “Here he comes.”

That was Joran’s cue. Assuming an arrogant expression, he took her chin in his hands. Hana flinched, her nostrils flaring, but she said nothing. The reddened mark on her rear explained why.

“She’s a beauty, is she not?” Kai said. “Feast your eyes on this unusual adornment, how the dragons are poised to devour her.”

Joran grunted noncommittally. Grasping her throat with one hand, he took hold of her breast with the other. He squeezed it, hefted it in his palm. Hana turned her face aside, but submitted. Her nipples were hard. He flicked one of them with his index finger.

“Those luscious melons are as responsive as any you’ve tried before. I’ve had a turn at them myself.” Kai poked her with the handle of the quirt. “Arch your back, girl. Let him get his mouth on you.”

With a falsely apathetic sigh, Joran lowered his head and took a sweet, sweet peak into his mouth. Hana made a muffled sound as he sucked. Again and again he swirled his tongue around, teasing with nips of his teeth, pulling with his lips. When he finally let go with a smacking sound, her nipple was swollen and red and she was panting but trying not to show it.

“What did I tell you, my lord? If you think that was something, wait until you fuck that tight, juicy kachi.” Kai applied the whip lightly to her thigh. “Spread your legs now and be quick about it. His lordship doesn’t have all day.”


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  1. Fun! Love the slave market fantasy!

  2. Their playfulness together is plain hot!

  3. Wow! Umm...I'm not sure I'm old enough to read this. :)

    You just keep getting hotter and hotter!

  4. LOL, Jeannie! I was amused by Kate's role play and then I saw your reply and had to burst out laughing. But, then again, I'm about the same age as you, so maybe I need to shield my eyes from the hunky males...Too late!