April 16, 2009

Thursday 3: Fast Food

Thursday 13 is too many. I do three.

This week I'm in an eating mood. Hell, I'm actually in an eating mood every week! LOL Anyway, here are my three favorite fast food places.

1. In N Out Burger - This chain is only in the west, so sorry all you east coasters. There is NOTHING like the first bite of an In N Out burger with everything. They make your burger only after you order it. The bun is grilled. The onions are sweet, the french fries freshly cut every day.

2. Carl's Jr. - Too bad my kids don't like this place. I think their Famous Star burger kicks butt. I love the gooeyness of the mayo and ketchup.

3. McDonald's - If all calorie counting goes by the wayside, I LOVE their filet o' fish. YUM. Combine it with some yummy fries and I'm a happy camper.

Where do you go for the best bad for you food?


  1. LOL! We never eat fast food! We do go to Subway, though, but that's too healthy to be considered a fast food place, I think!


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  2. I loved Carl Jrs when we lived in California twenty years ago! Don't have one here. My fav three are:

    Taco Bell
    Wendy's because of their Frostys!!

  3. Oh, In N Out is my favorite! Other than that, an occasional Taco Bell run is yummy.

  4. I like Subway, and healthy doesn't mean it's not fast and food. :)

    I've never been to Sonic. We don't have one near us.

    Oh, Taco Bell! I still like their regular tacos.

  5. My favorite fast food is Arby's - but that's the one place that's not close to us, so we only go when we happen to be on a road trip. Second is MacDonald's - best cheeseburgers!

    PS: My husband took me to Arby's for Valentine's Day. LOL. I insisted.

  6. OH, I LOVE Arby's. I love their sauces!!!