April 1, 2009

Romance Junkies High Five

At last! A review for A Wolf at Her Door! Romance Junkies gave it FIVE BLUE RIBBONS! Woot! Here's what the reviewer, Ladybirdrobi, had to say:

I thoroughly enjoyed A WOLF AT HER DOOR. It was definitely a page turner, complete with all the right moves for a happily ever after. Adam is stunning and Paige is a woman many would admire. Unveiling the mystery page by page was a joy for me and it held just the right amount of passion. Ms. Willoughby will have no complaints from me but she will get a high five for a job well done.

I didn't really know there was a mystery, but hey, it's cool that she was intrigued!


  1. LOL! Kate, I just saw your mini review of the Amber Spyglass below. It was a sad ending, wasn't it? I cried and cried. And..(cough)..I think I recommended this series to you.

    I'd, umm, kind of forgotten about the ending. But I've just had an epiphany! The thing is that a an ending like that can just destroy a mediocre read. That's what makes a serious wall banger.

    But when the story is amazing over all, the sad ending may be a let down at the time, but after a while, for me at least, it adds to the enchantment. Does that make any sense? Or am I finally realizing that I'm a masochist?