April 8, 2009


I just read on the Passionate Ink website (an erotic romance writing organization I belong to) that one of its members got fourth place in a writing contest with her Christian Erotic entry. What are your feelings about Christian erotic romance? Can Christians enjoy sexually titilating reading material in good conscience? Why or why not? If they believe that God is the creator, then obviously God intended for sex to be pleasurable, even transcendant with someone you deeply love.


  1. It does seem a bit strange. As a Christian myself, I do enjoy reading a bit steamy romances - mainly Silhouette Desires. Although I've never read anything that might be considered erotica! I am curious, though. But I also have Christian friends who won't read or watch anything steamy. Guess it's just a matter of preference.

  2. I'm not Christian so don't feel that I can say, but hey, people are people, no matter what their religious beliefs.

  3. Robin, yes, people are people no matter what their beliefs, but I think that many Christians define their feelings about steamy reading based on their religion. But is there any scripture that says it's immoral?

    I hope more people comment about this. I think it's an interesting question. Thanks for chiming in, ladies!

  4. There's a writer here in town that used to write very steamy romance novels, then switched to Christian market. On her website, she apologizes to her new Christian fans who may be offended by her previous work. However, she doesn't actually apologize for the work she used to do. I mean, she was always a Christian.

  5. As a Christian, member of a national Christian writers' organization (American Christian Fiction writers), and a published author of squeaky-clean inspirational romance, I always find this conversation interesting.

    I think that many Christians dismiss erotica out of hand based on the fact that usually it's about as far away from "Christian" as you can get. Having never read a "Christian erotica" story, I don't know how the sensuality is portrayed, so cannot make a judgment call on it. All I know is that I, personally, choose to stay away from things that lead my mind and imagination astray---especially since I'm unmarried and choose to remain a virgin until I get married (should that ever happen).

    I, too, know many, many authors who wrote "steamy" romances for the general market and then switched over to writing either sweet or inspirational romances based on personal conviction. I write inspirational romances simply because it reflects who I am as a person: a Christian who chooses to make my spirituality and beliefs a large part of my life. Have I ever read erotica? Yes. I had a critique partner in graduate school who writes erotica---and she helped me to increase the level of sexual tension in my stories which are the polar opposite of hers.

    Do I think it's wrong for Christians to read erotica? No. That's for each individual to decide. Do I read it? Rarely. But, again, it's a personal choice and something that I've decided based on the needs of my own creative and spiritual health.

    Is it wrong for Christians to write stories that glorify both the carnal and the spiritual? It depends on the person and how writing in that manner affects her and why she's doing it.

  6. Someone asked me once if I thought a preacher hero could be sexy. I quipped "Sure. Since sex was God's idea, a preacher should have the inside track!"

    Actually there are few books in the world as frank in its discussion of sex of all kinds as the Bible. Solomon had a lot to sing about.

    CS Lewis said in his SCREWTAPE LETTERS that Satan is unable to create a single pleasure. He is only able to pervert and twist the pleasure God has created in ways that will bring people harm.

    I am a Christian who writes historical romance for Leisure Books. My critique partners have called my books "ribald, yet classy." A rather fine line to walk indeed. If I find my writing is getting in the way of my relationship with God, I'll change what I'm writing.

    But for now, I stand before my Creator, a woman, a wife, a mother, a fully sexual being.

    And God called it good.

  7. Love the new blog look! LOVE it! How cute is that? Sorry it's been so long since I was by!


  8. I was not raised in the faith, so this is an outsiders view, but I don't see what could be bad about any safe, sane and consensual activity shared by faithfully married people. Good sex leads to good marriages. And often reading about good sex helps good marriages stay sexy. ;)

    So I definitely could imagine a sub-genre. Christian readers would want to know that what they were about to read would share those values, so a defined sub genre would make those kind of stories easy to find.

    As sort of an aside, I have to say the kinkiest thing I've ever seen on the internet was a Christian Discipline blog. It was amazing.

  9. Kate, what a great topic! Very provocative! And in my opinion, sex is part of a romantic relationship whether it be between two Christians or two Muslims or what have you. So, why not offer those with religious lifestyles the opportunity to go behind closed doors, too?

  10. I am a Christian by faith, and an erotica writer by trade. My latest book, a sensual fantasy entitled The Carman Chronicles, deals with faith, prejudice, and political strength. There's a religious undertone in the entire piece, most notably in regards to idolizing false gods, and what makes THE God almighty.

    I certainly wouldn't describe The Carman Chronicles as Christian, but I agree that good sex exists within Christian relationships.

    I have been riddled with criticism from members of Christian communities, who cite my work as lustful. Lust, being one of the seven deadly sins, they rationalize, is by definition un-Christian. And they pride themselves in avoiding it at all costs.

    I wonder what these people have to say about another deadly sin. Anything to say about PRIDE?

    Does sex belong in Christian literature? Hmmm.... Is the Bible considered Christian? Sex is certainly prevalent there, and it's necessary to perpetuate our species. Consensual sex, especially between monogamous couples, is a fact of life. I understand how sex would appear in books with Christian undertones.

    As for the level of heat (and like the blogger above, I've never read this particular genre, so I'm not sure how graphic--or not--it is,) people connect to any medium through their senses. The more connected they feel, the more successful the book. If a writer chooses to involve readers through sexuality (which is something we all have,) why not?

    As long as it labeled (thus, the subgenre,)in order to avoid shocking readers who expect a Kaye Dacus novel (critique partner? hand up!), and end up reading a Penny Dawn, I understand Christian erotica might have a place in the market.

    1. "...good sex exists within Christian relationships.
      "...Consensual sex, especially between monogamous couples, is a fact of life...."

      That's true.

      Many Christian women end up sleeping with the nonChristian men they date.
      It is a fact of life.

      The innocent Christian woman may not have "planned" to give that nonChristian guy she's seeing her virginity that night, but with all the heavy petting & "everything...but (penetration)" activity they've engaged in during their 3-4 months of going out with each other....
      .... She got caught-up in all the wonderful feelings he gave her in giving her oral-- and giving him oral.

      It took some effort, but one night she didn't stop him as he removed her top & they lay naked next to each other.
      As they kissed passionately, he unbuttoned her top.

      As they kissed, he ran one of his hands down to her panties, which he found to be very wet.

      "I can't go all the way with you. I want to remain a virgin for the man I marry."
      After their next date on his couch back at his place, while watching a movie, she caressed his crotch as they kissed ad made-out.

      This time, she unbuttoned him and caressed his large manhood bulging from his boxers. She promptly removed that protection and kissed him. She saw a wet spot on his boxers.

      Without hesitation, after kissing his forehead, she moved her mouth down on it. He put his hands around her head and began stroking her flowing hair as she sucked on him passionately.

      After about 10 minutes of going down on him, she felt him spasming and soon, his cum began erupting in her mouth.

      Never having tasted a man before, she quickly moved her mouth off him, but she wasn't fast enough to stop some of his juices from shooting into her mouth.

      It was quite a sight for him to see his devout Christian girlfriend holding his rod in her hands with his cum messily spattered over her lips.

      One night, before she went down on him, he changed course and moved his face down to her vagina.

      She wasn't as nervous or hesitant as before and opened her legs wider to accommodate his head.

      With his ears up against her thighs, he kissed her pussy.

      She closed her eyes as she opened her legs even wider, then moved them back closer to his ears as he tongued her.
      Soon, he began sucking on her clit.

      He made love to her pussy orally for about 20 minutes and gave her her first orgasm. He sucked even more passionately as her pussy juices shot into his mouth.

      It was a beautiful sight when as he dined on her, he looked up and saw her eyes closed between her breasts. He wondered what it would be like when she finally surrendered to him completely.

      On their next date, they did similar "everything...but" but he planned to intensify it.

      After he finished eating her, as he raised his lips to her head to kiss her, he began to angle his unprotected cock into her.

      As his penis began to enter, she took her hand and blocked him, pushing his penis back.

      "No.... Tom... I ... I ... I just can't... yet..."

      "But, I do want to please you...."

      She loved the feeling of him giving her oral and almost wanted to give into him.

      "You can please me this way," she told him, as she sat up and drew him near.

      "Mount me, but don't go in..."

      He laid on top of her and she carefully positioned his penis on top of her cunt.
      It was so big and this was a dangerous time for her as with one slip, he could enter her and conquer her.

      As he moved his lips to kiss her, she took his rod and positioned it so his forehead was above her vagina entrance. She wanted to "protect" her pussy from his mighty penis, which was itching to fuck her.

      He would rub up against her and move his penis up against her bushy cunt.

      Many times, his forehead would come perilously close to entering the angel's heaven.
      She would give him a loving but still nervous look as he tried to angle his way into her.

    2. As their sex-play (short of penetration) intensified over their dating, her resistance weakened.

      He began to pressure her into letting him enter, which he'd long wanted.

      "It will be okay," he told her, trying to reassure her.
      "Christian girls give themselves to the men they date all the time.
      "It won't hurt that much and I will be very gentle. I'll be with you the whole time.
      "I won't tell anyone this thing we do and you can go on pretending or portraying yourself as this good Christian girl. No one will know anything, even as we finally give ourselves to each other, like we both have long wanted."

      She seriously thought about his proposition.

      "With all we've done and how close we've gotten to each other, you're not really 'pure' anymore, anyway. But I will still respect you as a good Christian woman, especially as you freely give yourself to me and we come together as 'one flesh' and unite our bodies as one..."

      They did their usual simulated sex.
      After he sucked on her for about 10 minutes, as he moved his face from her beautiful pussy to her face to kiss her passionately, as he "distracted" her with his kisses, he began to carefully angle his penis into her.

      She knew what was happening and as she was physically overcome by all the great feelings his mouth gave her, she was in no position to stop him.
      To be honest, she in no way wanted to stop him.
      Instead of objecting, this time, she allowed nature to take its course.

      As he positioned his penis into her very wet cunt, he saw that cross necklace she always wore. The cross symbolized her faith.

      "I've never done this before. Please go in gently..."

      She gave him a loving look and as she opened her legs wider, wrapped her arms around his buttocks and drew him deeper into her.

      She loved the new feeling of his sexy penis inside her as they gave-into their natural desires and prepared to consummate their love.

      Knowing she was an innocent Christian woman, he moved in very slowly.
      She closed her eyes as she felt him push-in.

      When his forehead met her hymen, he "paused" his manhood to where it rested up against her holy hymen.

      There he was, positioned with his penis about to enter.
      This was a perilous moment in her life as at any moment, with one push, she would forever lose her Christian innocence.

      She looked into his eyes and rose up and kissed him.

      "I want you..."

      "If you're sure," he responded. "I know you've long wanted to 'save' yourself for marriage."

      Though he didn't share her religious beliefs, like a gentleman, he asked if she was sure, as if to give her a chance to "go back" to being the naive & innocent Christian woman he loved.

      "I'm sure. I love you and want to please you."

      "But promise me this. When you're about to cum, please pull-out. I'm not on birth control and don't want to get pregnant."

      He agreed and began to slowly push his penis against her good-girl hymen.
      She was about to give a man her pussy which wasn't protected from his spermy cum.

      She silently briefly prayed that it would go well.

      With one deliberate, but loving push, he forever took her Christian innocence.

      "uh...uh...." she reacted as his rock-hard penis burst her Christian hymen.

      "oh... oh...." she said.

      After his first entrance, he pulled-out and inquired about her comfort. She saw her blood on his manly cock.
      The blood symbolized the Christian girl's innocence and "the gift" she gave him. She wiped it with a tissue.

      "It's fine," she told him. "It hurt a little, but not as much as I feared. Fuck me...."

      He maneuvered his penis back into her. She closed her eyes as his penis sunk deeper.

      Her self-imposed religious restriction removed, he returned into her by pushing in and out slowly, but soon picked-up the pace and began more passionate thrustings.

    3. I posted the two above stories (responses) to show that Christian women indeed engage in sex before marriage with the nonChristian men they date.
      I have written a longer version of that story, but shortened for posting.

      It arouses me to visualize a sweet Christian woman layiing-back and spreading her legs wide-open to reveal the beauty of her innocent pussy which she's preparing to give to her man.

      I love to fantasize about the nervous or loving look on the woman's face as that nonChristian man she's been seeing prepares to mount her by poising his hungry and unprotected penis outside her sweet pussy, which craves him.

      She enjoys all the new sensations he gives her and after some time, knows what's happening when she feels his impressive penis begin to spasm and fill her Christian pussy with his godless spermy cum.

      She becomes subservient to his penis and gives herself to him in every possible way.
      The Christian woman has become a real woman after he introduces her to the real world of dating and love.

  11. Penny said: "I have been riddled with criticism from members of Christian communities, who cite my work as lustful. Lust, being one of the seven deadly sins, they rationalize, is by definition un-Christian. And they pride themselves in avoiding it at all costs."

    Which just makes me laugh---after all, these are the people who have four, five, ten, eighteen children. And you can't tell me each of those were conceived in a non-lustful way. They must really be enjoying it, otherwise, why keep going down that path toward temptation (i.e., lust leading to sex)?

  12. Wow. THanks everyone for commenting! I'm humbled by all this unusual activity.

    Shirley, good for your friend. I don't think she needs to apologize.

    Kaye, I agree. It depends on the person. If writing steamy fiction leads a religious person/author to hop into every bed she sees, then perhaps a different genre would be better.

    Amen, Emily!

    Hey, Anna, it never matters how long you're away. You're always welcome!

    Evie, leave it to you to find a Christian Discipline Blog. LOL

    Lucie, perhaps because the majority of churchgoing readers wouldn't buy the books because they see them as "lustful."

    Penny, I wasn't raised religious, so forgive me, but it seems to me that the lust would only be a sin if it was extreme. Like, we all get hungry and overeat sometimes, but that's not a sin. Gluttony is severe overeating, right? We feel proud when we graduate from college, but that's not sinful, right? So, if you ask me, lust isn't a sin unless it's extreme, and reading steamy romance doesn't fall into that category. But I'm biased, being a writer of erotic romance.

    Right, Kaye. However, you never know. Maybe the wife was "closing her eyes and thinking of England." ;)

  13. Kate,

    That's EXACTLY what I was trying to say! Sexuality isn't lust.

    Great discussion...I, for one, will stay tuned.

  14. What do you think of this erotic story about a virgin college girl giving-up her innocence to this player she was seeing?

    While it's not labeled as "Christian" erotica, it seems Ann, the innocent woman, is a Christian. She's described as Catholic & engaged to her virgin boyfriend, who's also Catholic.

    In the story she got naked with her man & let him mount her, but made him "promise" to not put his penis in her. She kept angling his pen*s away from her p*ssy opening.

    "....This time there were no panties between Tom's pen*s and Ann's vagina. Ann was a virgin, but Tom was not...."


    "....Tom's pen*s felt incredible between Ann's labia and felt even better as he rubbed the head right up against the opening of her vagina.

    "....Ann knew she had to stop, right now, but didn't want the good feelings to end. Still she told Tom to keep the tip of his p*nis up higher...."


    "...As Tom and Ann kissed, he again slid down her body slightly and Ann could feel the head of his p*nis between her labia at the opening of her vagina again.

    "....She didn't say anything and didn't try to stop Tom as he slowly slid into her.


    She will remember that night, when she gave-into his carnal desires, the first time she slept with a man, for the rest of her life...