April 13, 2009

Romance Divas' Excerpt Monday

A bunch of Romance Divas participate in Excerpt Monday and I decided to join in. The deal is we all post a little snippet of something we've written and read everyone else's. It sounded like fun, so here I go.

This is from my work in progress, Asking For It. It's the third book in my Be-Wished series about three friends who get their wishes granted by Davina, a wish fairy.

Set up: It's raining. It's nighttime. This excerpt is PG.

***Begin Excerpt***

A glass coffin appeared not six feet away on Livvy's front lawn.

Holy shit!

Livvy stared at it for a moment or two, disbelieving, because the person sleeping inside of it was not Snow White. It was her sexy neighbor.

At least, she thought he was sleeping.

She waited for the prickly feeling of a Flash in the Pan enchantment. She prayed for it. Please let it be an FIP. Unfortunately, she felt nothing. Maybe she had to be closer.

Warily, she went outside. Through the wet glass of the coffin she saw that he was breathing, thank goodness. She also saw that he wasn’t wearing a shirt. Just some gym shorts. And man, he was ripped. Like Rambo ripped. He had a buzz cut, he needed a shave and he had a wicked awesome tat of butterflies on his bicep.

Keeping one eye on him, she dialed Davina.

“Livvy,” the fairy said. “I’m in the middle of something.”

“Well, so am I! A glass coffin just showed up in my yard with my new neighbor sleeping inside it.”

“Pfft! And you’re calling me because…?"

“I need you to tell me what to do!”

“Give me a break, Livvy. Bet he moved in after you made your wish…”

“Yes, he did, but—“

“Well, it’s obvious what you should do.”

Livvy gasped. “You mean…” She glanced again at the man who’d inspired her armored tank fantasy and swallowed hard. “You mean kiss him?”

“It is a guy, isn’t it?”


Livvy could almost hear the fairy smile. “Bet he’s cute.”

“Well, yes. Actually, really cute.”

“Then of course you’re supposed to kiss him! He must be the one. The magic is working just like I told you it would. Now, stop lollygagging and go kiss him. He’ll wake up. And after that, well, do what comes naturally.” A snorting laugh came over the line, then dead air.

“Davina? Davina?” But the fairy had hung up.

Kiss him. Livvy stared at the man in the coffin and frowned. Easy for her to say.
Just the thought of kissing this man awake got her heart beating triple time for a couple of different reasons, and this was what she’d been waiting for, damn it. The goal had been to find her true love, a wonderful man to share her life with, and according to Davina, here he was.

And he did have nice lips.

*** End Excerpt***

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  1. Yay! I love the twist that HE shows up in the glass coffin. I thought she was going to from your early chats about this.

    Just tell me when and where and I'm all over the third installment of this wonderful series. From the excerpt it's going to be as fun and sexy as the first two!

  2. Too funny! What a great set-up. It sounds like a super-fun story.

    (and I'm going to email you what you asked for. :) )

  3. Oh, what a great excerpt. Cute and hot. I'd definitely buy the book. I want to read more. =o)

  4. Gawd, I love anything that sets the status quo on its ear!

  5. OMG, what a fabulous twist! I'll definitely be looking for more of this...

    I love it!

  6. OMG! Thanks, you guys! I needed a kick in the pants to get back to this story!

  7. Oh this is really cute. I smiled my way through it.

  8. Neat and cute! I really like fairy tales stood on their heads. :)

  9. This is way cute and I, for one, am a sucker for cute. I think cute rocks, and I love new twists on archetypes. I'm going to buy All In.

    This is Kinsey, commenting anonymously cause I can't remember my Google name. I have severe MPD on the Internet.

  10. LOL - love the man in the coffin and the fact the fairy hung up on her.

  11. This was fun. Loved the twist with him being in the glass coffin. Nice last line, too.

  12. This is a great start. I would enjoy reading this.

  13. What a fun excerpt! I look forward to reading more of this, Kate! :)

  14. Wow! I love the voice of this story. The glass coffin rocks!
    She has to kiss him.
    He has nice lips!
    Look forward to seeing a release date on this!

  15. Hey, I look forward to finishing! This has been on hold for several months and I'm only now getting back to it. These words of encouragement help a lot. :D

  16. This is so cute and sweet. It's light and charming and oh so nice that Mr. Snow White with the ripped chest should show up right on Livvy's doorstep!