March 5, 2009

Thursday 3: Pass the Kleenex

My CP and good friend D'Anne can attest to the fact that I don't cry often. She might even say that crying more often might be beneficial to me. Perhaps. :) Here are the last three times I cried.

1. Saturday, Feb. 27: My Cousin Warren passed away last week. He was 57 and I loved him a lot. He was a force of nature--jovial, cuddly in a fierce sort of way, larger than life, a big Chinese teddy bear. If you saw the King and I movie, remember the scene where all the princes and princesses are being introduced to Anna? There's one last prince that scurries in late right between Yul Brynner's legs. THAT was my Cousin Warren. :) 'Course, he wasn't big then. Rest in peace, Cuz.

2. Two weeks ago: I was watching a performance of Honk, Jr., a middle school play my son was in. The little girl who played "Ida" the mother duck made me cry as her character cried over what she thought was the dead body of her duckling.

3. Last month: my son hurt my feelings when he told my husband he'd rather go skiing than see a production Phantom of the Opera, after I'd spent two hours on the Internet trying to find good, cheap seats that wouldn't break our bank account.
So, D'Anne! Three times in the past month. Are you proud of me???


  1. Words cannot express my emotion... in fact... sniff, sniff... I think I need a tissue...