March 30, 2009

Spared by the Grace of God

The other day I was sifting through some book boxes for donations and I found a BLACK WIDOW SPIDER on the lid of one of the boxes! My heart pounded so hard! I had been shaking the box lid and I'm lucky the darned thing didn't attack me.

God made those things seriously scary looking.

Now I'm askeered of digging around our garage.

Have you ever had a close encounter of the poisonous arachnid kind?


  1. Oh! Me, me!!!
    One morning I got in my car and I looked over at the passenger seat and nearly had a coronary. A Brown Recluse had built a web in the passenger seat and was sitting - in mid air/seat next to me!!!! ACKKK!
    Scared the crap outta me!!


  2. Yikes! He obviously wanted a ride somewhere.

    Hey, do I know you? I used to know someone named D'Anne, but I can't quite remember. It's been so long... LOL

  3. LOL. Yeah, he needed webbing material from Home Depot. NOT!

    Yes, you seem vaguely familiar to me too. LOL. Posting anon is the only way for me to get through...


  4. A number of years ago, I was getting some boxes out of an outdoor closet on my patio and there she was sitting in her beautiful web. I then doused the hell out of her with a can of Raid. Felt kind of bad about killing her, but it was me or her.