March 9, 2009

Out of the Blue!

I won an Eppie Award!!! EPIC, the Electronically Published Internet Connection, is a professional organization that holds annual awards to recognize "outstanding achievement in electronic publishing." There are a lot of categories. This year I entered my book, A Wolf at Her Door, in the Paranormal Erotic Romance category. There were eighty other books entered in that category. Out of that eighty, eight finalled. Out of that eight, mine WON!!!

I really didn't expect to win because paranormal fans usually like their paranormal dark and disturbing. Werewolf heroes are typically brooding, tortured. My Adam was not either of these things. He was just a nice, albeit very sexy guy, who happened to be a wolf shifter. No one was trying to get him with silver bullets or wipe out his clan, of which he would, of course, be the alpha. Nor was he trying to protect the heroine from dark forces.

So, after getting the news this morning, I felt like I was walking taller all day, but I realized that was an illusion when, at the market, I still could not reach the soup I wanted on the top shelf. LOL

After you go buy the Eppie Award Winning book, A Wolf at Her Door, (LOL) do check out this week's Woman's World story analysis/review on my other blog.