March 23, 2009

Nail Biting Time

I finally finished my novella, Fit To Be Tied, and submitted it to Samhain. The deadline wasn't until April 1, but believe it or not, I finished early. The good news is that they will notify all the authors by April 15th. So I don't really have that long to wait. Here's a blurby thing:

Ten years ago, Sadie thought Max was a scrawny, hopeless nerd. She even said so to his face in front of the student body.

Today, Max is still a little nerdy but in a “My, Clark Kent, what broad shoulders you have!” way. And when she ends up as his temporary house guest, she discovers a lot more about the new him. He’s amusingly fastidious, independently wealthy, and most importantly, able to make her wet with little more than a commanding stare.

There’s just one thing she still needs to find out...what the heck is behind that black door—his bedroom door—the one he asked her not to open?

Oh, and I have a new analysis/review of this week's Woman's World story up on my WW blog. :)


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  2. The comment I removed was from someone selling a nail product! LMAO.