March 27, 2009

Happy Art Friday! Today I'm in an orchid mood. Still.

Remember Patrick Nagel (1945-1984)? He was very popular in the eighties. To the right is "Kristen." I remember loving his artwork a lot, even if I never bought anything. It was so slick and "hip," and everywhere you looked you saw his stuff. When I look at this it makes me think of Duran Duran, big hair, and sweat shirts with the collars ripped out so you could bare one shoulder. LOL

Now, back to that orchid thing...

The image to the left is a detail from "Pure Orchid," by thickblackoutline. It reminds me of Nagel's work, but I actually like it better. There's still a solitary woman with big hair. The lines are clean, the colors subtle and simple. But I love this woman's tattoos and that fact that she's not wearing any panties. And believe it or not, this is from a t-shirt design, of all things! Buy it here.

And have a no-panties weekend!

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