February 11, 2009

What I Did for Love

I was at See's Candy this morning to buy a little something for The King. OMG. You couldn't have fit any more people into that tiny shop. There were, no lie, 15 people in line ahead of me, and that was for prepackaged candy. There was a whole other line for custom boxes.

The lady behind me had no sense of personal space, because she kept touching me every time the line moved forward. I had to keep taking a tiny step away from her after we'd settled. Sheesh! This must have happened at least seven times.

So, all I can say isThe King better appreciate his molasses chips. I do not like being stranger-bumped over and over. Bump me once; I can forgive. But after that, lady, you should, you know, get a CLUE.


  1. Oh, Kate! I hate that! The worst is at amusement parks when the person behind you keeps invading your space like that's going to get them to the front of the line faster. Drives me crazy!!

    And what a wonderful wife you are! I'm sure the King appreciates everything you do for him!

  2. Thanks, Robin! Sometimes I make allowances if the person is obviously foreign. Other countries have different space sensitivity, but this woman was just a WEIRDO!

  3. Ah! Why can't people respect the space bubbles! Space bubbles are why we don't bludgeon one another.

    I have a See's ritual. I hate going to the mall, but I sweeten it up by going to See's and buying one of those big, moca flavored lollipops they sell--and then reap the benefits of the free candy samples. So I get a chocolate hit and then something to stick in my mouth so I don't complain too much while I wander the mall.