February 4, 2009

Fishy Fishy

My betta fish died last week. I had him for several years, but I knew he was getting old because he wasn't eating regularly and was more sluggish than beta fish usually are. Nor did he make bubble nests anymore.

I now have a new betta. His name is Chow. (The old fish never really had a name.) He's pretty feisty and is a beautiful comination of red and blue. He is luxuriating in the old bowl, but with new, living plants, instead of plastic ones. He must like it in his new digs, because he has made a bubble nest. I think that's a hint he wants to be a Player. His little cup was next to several female bettas at the PetCo, but I think he's doomed to lifelong bachelorhood.

And yesterday's actor was Kevin Spacey. I just love his voice. It's so distinctive.


  1. Oh, Kevin Spacey! I should have known that.

    Welcome, Chow! I hope he has a nice long life! It sounds like he's got some great digs.

  2. Oops! Guess I answered too late. lol! I didn't realize Kevin Space was the voice of Hopper, but now that I know, it sounds just like him.