January 15, 2009

Thursday 3: Favorite Fruits

Like everyone, I should eat more fruits and veggies. Here are my three favorite fruits.

1. Papaya - I love this with lemon. I remember eating this for the first time in Hawaii at my dad's suggestion. Too bad it smells like smelly feet.

2. Kiwi - I even like the crunchy seeds.

3. White peaches - Yum. Regular peaches--okay. WHITE peaches--OMG. Delish!


  1. My three favorite fruits would have to be strawberries, raspberries and white nectarines. I love kiwi too. And white peaches. I'm with ya on the "white." Much better than regular!

  2. Those are all yummy!


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  3. I'd have to say my favorite three are berries (I'm grouping them together since about the only one I don't like is cranberry), pineapple and green grapes. Also love kiwi, guava and mango, but don't exactly get much of those in the frozen north.

  4. If I eat mangoes, tiny blisters form all over my lips that itch like crazy. It's disgusting. But IF I weren't allergic, they'd totally be my favorite fruit.

  5. Kate - That's why I can only eat pineapple and kiwi in moderation. If I overindulge, my throat feels tight and I get canker sores in my mouth.

  6. My experience with mangoes was so bad I'm afraid to take one bite.