January 8, 2009

Thursday 3: 2009 Books To Write

Every Thursday, as part of a popular meme, many people blog a list of thirteen items. I only do three. Sue me.

For this year's first Thursday 3, I'm listing three books that I have yet to write.

1 and 2. The third and fourth books in my Be-Wished series for Ellora's Cave. Three friends made wishes on woven bracelets, and in each book their wish is granted by Davina, a wacky wish fairy. The third book is about half done. It centers around Livvy, the third friend. Her wish goes awry in many, hopefully funny, ways.

The fourth book belongs to Davina, the wish fairy. I've been dying to write this book. Davina is probably the most eccentric character I've ever created. It's going to be so exciting to see where she'll take me. If you've read the first two Be-Wished books, you can probably tell who the love of her life will be.

3. Finally, I'd like to write another tale set in the world I created for Secrets of the Jin-Hakku. The Shinwa culture was so much fun to romp around in, that I feel compelled to revisit it. I have a rough idea about someone involved in horses, someone with long, straight, coal black hair. Remember that Indian character in Dances With Wolves, Wind in His Hair? I loved that guy. I loved his hair.

Or, I also want to write something for the 2010 Ellora's Cavemen Anthology. Those need to be 15K and simple. If I can think of an idea between now and summer, I may tackle this, too.

So I guess this was a Thursday 4, after all.


  1. They sound great!

    Love your new blog!


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