January 28, 2009

Tea Lattes

As you may know, I work at Starbucks. They recently rolled out a new batch of drinks: the tea lattes. I have always been a coffee person, but once in a while I'll take tea: always with Chinese food, sometimes when I have a sore throat or stuffed up sinuses, but never with milk. Yuck. So, these new drinks--the London Fog Tea Latte, the Vanilla Rooibos Tea Latte, and the Black Tea Latte--are not my favorite beverages on the Starbucks menu. (Although if we're going to talk SMELLS, the Vanilla Rooibos tea bags smell AMAZING! I want someone to bottle that as bubble bath. I'd buy a gazillion gallons of it.)

They also have two other new drinks--the Berry Chai Infusion and the Apple Chai Infusion. I like both of them, and they both come iced or hot. I like the BCI cold. The ACI tastes a lot like mulled apple cider, which I like. (I just realized I've never had that with whipped cream, and I bet that's pretty tasty.)

So, out of the five new drinks, I would highly recommend the Berry Chai, iced.


  1. I heard Starbucks is no longer brewing pots of decaf in the afternoon, but is instead making it to order because too much of it was going to waste.

    Not that I ever go to Starbucks. That would mean I had to actually leave my house. lol

  2. Hey, Kristen, good to see you here!

    I hadn't heard that, but I have had the last three days off. (Lucky me!) There might well have been the ubiquitous memo that I didn't "get." LOL

    Yes, a lot of it does go to waste, even in the morning though. You never can anticipate who's going to come in and want decaf.

    I did hear a rumor that they were going to switch over eventually to these amazing machines that did brew to order, regular and decaf, but that kind of thing is always glacially slow to come to pass.

  3. I'm not a tea drinker. And I don't drink coffee except for the yummy blended coffee drinks that have a bazillion calories. I do love hot chocolate!

  4. Okay, of COURSE, the minute I get in the car to go to work, I hear the newscaster announce that Starbucks isn't going to brew decaf in the morning! LMAO. You were right, Kristen!

  5. I just tried the Berry Chai (iced) and loved it! I'm a big fan of chai in general, so adding some fruit to it was like the cherry on top.

  6. I didn't know you worked at Starbucks! I'd be SO fat! So here's a question you probably can't answer, but what the heck. I'm a Chai addict! I actually make my own powdered version that I just add to hot water. (found it on the internet).

    But I also like the kind with teabags steeped in boiling water that you add to milk. So why is it that some places (me included) have such a hard time getting the actual Chai taste in their drink. Most of the time it only tastes like I'm drinking scalded milk!!! Honestly Panera Bread has the best chai mixed with milk. But not all Panera's do! And Starbucks Chai's tend to taste like scalded milk too? Do they make their own?