January 7, 2009

Scared of Software

I recently bought Dreamweaver CS4 so that I could update my own website. I have yet to open the package because I'm a-skeered. I am so ignorant of html-ish stuff, but I feel silly about that fear. What's the worst that could happen? It's hard? Pfft. Trial and error. That's how I learned how to use Microsoft Publisher.

Okay. I just opened the package. There are just disks. No manual. I'm hoping there are tutorials. I'm actually praying there are tutorials. If there is a God, He'll have made them include tutorials.

I just inserted the disk, but it wants me to close all my programs before installing. So, I won't be doing that now. I have some more blogging to do. But at least I opened the package! LOL


  1. Baby steps, right? I was actually thinking about taking a Dreamweaver class because I'm totally clueless and want to be able to work on my website myself. If I do, we can help each other out!