January 23, 2009

Artist: Peter Callesen

Happy Art Friday! This week I'm featuring an outstanding paper artist named Peter Callesen. We've all enjoyed pop-up books. This is like that, but insanely better!

This first piece is called Down the River (2005). In the first shot, you see how the piece appears from a distance. In the second photograph, you get the close up of the water. Isn't it beautiful? I can imagine how difficult it must have been to design that river so that the part that hung didn't fall apart. Lastly, you see the tiny boat, which hit me like a surprise ending in a book.

Next is a piece called Eismeer (2006). The only materials used are paper and glue.

Finally, here is On the Other Side (2006). This amazing piece of work is cut and folded from one giant piece of paper. Amazing, huh? I think I like the up-the-creek-without-a-paddle one the best. Here's where you can find more of his work. Have a great weekend!


  1. OMG! That is amazingly beautiful. Hey, I've read Uglies! Great book!

  2. My son and I just read where Tally's operation has been forestalled... I SO want to read ahead, but can't! I have the other two books waiting on the shelf.