January 2, 2009

Artist: John Cerney

Welcome to the first Art Friday in my new blog location!

Dig this guy's work. He paints BIG. Really big.

The work to the right is Farmer & Irrigator, 1995, commissioned by a man who wanted to pay tribute to his agricultural labor force. There were ten figures altogether. The farm is in Salinas, oddly, the place my own dad was born and raised.

I like how down to earth Cerney seems on his website. He calls his work "Giant Cut Out Art." I think it's cool and unique. I'm sure I even saw some of it in Monterey along Cannery Row. Next time I'm there, I'll be sure to seek it out on purpose.

Have a fantastic 2009 weekend!

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  1. Love your new location, Kate! It's great! Happy blogging!