January 30, 2009

Artist: Jessica Galbreth

One day I'm going to write a mermaid story. Well, that's not true. I already started writing a mermaid story, but it's not done yet. It would have been perfect for Ellora's Cave Pearl Quickie Theme, but alas, I wrote a Topaz instead.

Anyway, when I saw this rendering, I fell in love with it. The figure seems to me to be remembering, or dreaming, or hoping. The mermaid story I began doesn't feature a hopeful mermaid, though. When my story opens, she's in deep trouble, almost dead from having been held captive by a ruthless human. However, perhaps this painting depicts my mermaid at the end of the story.

The artist is the extremely talented Jessica Galbreth. I wish I could magnify this so I could see all the details. I used to pretend to be a mermaid when I was a little girl. I would swim with my legs together. I would marvel at how beautiful hair was when swirling in water. And I always HATED how the Little Mermaid became sea foam. (Bad, Hans, bad!)

Anyway, have a wonderful weekend. I hope you enjoyed this week's mini art exhibit.


  1. That's really beautiful! (And yay you're writing a mermaid story.)

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Oh, no. You exaggerate the status of the mermaid story. It's sitting under my virtual bed awaiting resuscitation.