January 12, 2009

5 Letters Game #1

I saw this game on the Liquid Silver Books forum and it's fun, so I thought I'd give it a try on my blog. I post five random letters and you try to construct a sentence with words that begin with each letter.

Example: URFPL

Understanding roles fuels personal lubrication.

You then offer five different letters for someone else.

This week's letters: YJMSN


  1. Oh, you knew I'd be here, didn't ya? :)

    It's Monday, I've got a cold, but I think you want me to write a sentence, right? Here goes...You just might smile now.

    My offer: WGRCD

  2. Oh, Robin! I'm sorry you're sick. Drink lots of fluids. :) I've been fighting a sinus thing for more than a week. Too stubborn to go to the doctor. Almost got it beat, though.

    And I AM smiling!

  3. Love the new look, Kate!
    Here's my sentence:
    What got Robin caught dangling?

    My letters:

    And I'm getting over a cold, too. It's going around...

  4. Thanks, Lucie!

    Forgo gruel to oust naysayers.